Getting Rid Of Burn Marks With Turmeric

We all like to go to the beach and spend a lot of time under the sun, but the truth is that if you stay for too long, then you're eventually going to suffer burns. In fact, on a yearly basis, there are thousands of people who spend too much time in the sun without realizing it and eventually have to go to the emergency room in order to be treated for severe burns. If this is something that you're currently going through and you would like to make sure your burns are going to heal faster, then you may want to consider using turmeric extract.

Buy It In Capsule Form

One thing you're certainly going to love about turmeric extract is that you can also get it in supplement form. What this means is that if you cannot purchase it raw form because there are no Asian markets in your area, then you can just go ahead and purchase it in capsule form since it has the same benefits and properties as its raw counterpart. The capsules are also made in the United States, contain 95 percent curcumin, but also have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, taking them every day is going to help treat your burns so they can heal faster.

Making The Turmeric Paste

Now if you want to make the turmeric paste that is necessary to apply on your burns, you'll first of all need to add two tbsps of it into a clean bowl and then add six tbsps of cold pasteurized milk or distilled water. After that you need to stir everything until you create a thick paste. If the mixture seems to be runny, then add more turmeric until you have a thicker consistency.

Apply It On The Affected Areas

At this point, you'll need to use some medical gloves in order to apply the turmeric paste to the affected areas. If you want to avoid extra pain, then you need to consider working gently over the burn. One thing to bear in mind is that you should never press the paste downwards, since it may injure you even more.

In order for this treatment to work, you need to apply the paste on the burns for three to four times a day for a total of seven to 14 days since this is the only way to speed up your healing time.